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amongst the changing aspen
"We absolutely love our home. Peter maximized the solar gain of our off grid home while keeping the design fresh and mountain contemporary, as we requested. Our home is fairly compact but flows well and fits our family of 5 perfectly. We were very excited when our home won 4 awards in the Parade of Homes, plus a special commendation for green construction."
~ Karin Conrad

It is fun to have clients with a great sense of design as well as a sense of adventure. The Conrads design and build custom cabinets, so they are no strangers to design. But when it came to designing an entire house, they partnered with Ewers Architecture to provide the palette to show off their interior expertise.

The design of the home minimizes the basement area, to avoid building more space that is not needed and not used, and thus minimizes the disturbance to the mountain environment. This allowed us to create a larger upper floor that hovers above the ground, mingling with the tops of the aspen trees. But the sustainable attributes of this home do not stop there.

This off-grid house generates all of the needed electricity through the photovoltaic roof panels. We carefully designed the roof shape to accommodate the panels, while making sure that snow sliding from the panels would not land in an outdoor living space. The east-west orientation of the house maximizes both the passive solar design and the panoramic mountain views. The masonry heater in the center of the home provides much of the winter heat plus provides a focal point for the living space. Evacuated tube solar thermal provides both domestic hot water and works with the radiant floor system to provide additional building heat.

All of this creates a wonderful experience for the Conrads, to soar above the ground, soak in the sun and view, and live in harmony with the mountains.


location: Granby, Colorado
date completed: 2008
total finished area: 2,895sf
main floor: 1,968sf
lower floor: 976sf
garage: 1,021sf
total construction cost: $700,000
cost per finished s.f.: $242/sf
general contractor: Mike Nutting
sustainable features: passive solar design
minimal building footprint
photovoltaic (PV) for all electricity
solar hot water for boiler pre-heat
high efficiency boiler
radiant floor heat
masonry heater
low-voc finishes